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One to One intuitive counseling and classes are now available online. If you live too far away from Energetic Arts Center or our class schedule doesn’t fit your needs, online sessions might be just the thing to get your energy moving!

One to One Sessions

A one hour intuitive counseling session can provide insight and clarification on life’s many twists and turns. If you are at a crossroads seeking new direction, at an energetic low point needing guidance to get things moving again, or just curious about your current energetic state, online intuitive counseling can give you new information and context.

And if you are feeling energetically stuck, compromised, or just out of sorts, a one hour intuitive healing session can help you shift your energy into overdrive.

Energetic Living Training

Online training in the skills and techniques taught in the Energetic Living Series can help you reach your highest potential and are adaptable for any lifestyle, career or spiritual orientation. Training will be individualized for your particular needs and experience, but one should expect a minimum of four online sessions to cover the basic skills before branching out into advanced areas of interest.

For pricing, scheduling or if you need more information, please contact me using the link below.

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