Energetic Living

Energetic Living Classes provide a much more intensive and in depth study of the esoteric and spiritual aspects of energy than is available in the ongoing Chi Kung classes described elsewhere on this site.

This series of classes can teach anyone to experience and express their energetic self in a more complete and productive way.  Regardless of what you do for a living, these skills will become immediately useful. It isn’t what you do that matters- its HOW YOU DO IT.  These classes teach you to balance your vital energy flow for greater health and vitality, identify and release old energetic patterns,  develop a grounded and centered awareness of your self and your surroundings, and so much more.

Energetic Living classes are 90% practical 10% theoretical. It is considered much more valuable to be able to know what your energy IS doing, rather than to be able to explain what your energy SHOULD be doing according to one theory or another. You won’t just hear about energy, you’ll be feeling, seeing and knowing energy.

Energetic Living Classes are provided in three sessions. Each session is four months long, and meets once per week for two hours.

Session One: Your Energetic Self

Over the course of this series, you will explore energy in the form of Chi and Prana, discover Meridians and Chakras and learn to interact with Guardian Chi and Auras. You will learn multiple meditations to develop your conscious participation in  your energetic processes, such as The Small Circle, Primordial Breath, and Joining Heaven and Earth.  You will also be introduced to moving Chi Kung, gentle exercises designed cultivate and balance your internal energy. The popular dvd Movements for Inner Peace is included to aide your progress.
By the end of session One, you will have a useable understanding of your energy system built by personal experience, and a well rounded tool base  for maintaining your vital energetic balance.

Session Two: Opening Your Inner Eye

In this series you will open your energetic perceptions and see the energetic world around you. Seeing is not just believing, it is an open door to knowing and understanding.  We all have the natural ability to see energy, but for many reasons we have chosen not use this gift.  Its time to open your eyes!

Much of the class will be spent in interactive exercises where you and your fellow students will see and describe each other’s energetic system. This provides a double benefit- not only do you learn to see more clearly, you also receive invaluable information to help you continue to refine and transform your own energy using the skills learned in session One.

This is not a class simply for psychics and clairvoyants, although you could certainly put these skills to use in that way. These skills give you enhanced insight into everyday situations and issues.  The more you see, the more you know. And information is a powerful tool for making life choices.

We will cover such topics as Personal Symbolism, Retaining Neutrality, What Colors and Images Mean, Seeing the Aura and Chakras, Seeing the Past and the Future, and much more.  By the end of the series, you will be able to perform a complete energetic reading for yourself or others, and be able to put that information to practical use.

Session Three: Healing and Transformation

This series of classes deals with healing others. You will discover that many of the techniques used for healing someone else are directly related to the skills you have learned for balancing your own energy.  And working with someone else can teach you so much about yourself- it is often said that “to give a healing is to receive a healing”.  This series will give you ample opportunity to learn the truth of that statement.

Using your visual skills from Session Two, you will trade with your fellow students and learn to help others balance and clear their energy.  You will learn that the essence of healing is not to push someone into your personal concept of health, but rather to help them achieve their own ideal state well being. Over the four month series, you will explore: Hands On Healing Techniques, Remote Healing, Recovering Lost Energy, Using Archetypes, Releasing Guilt and Karma, Accessing the Akashic Records, and many more powerful skills for transformation.

In addition to learning the art of Healing, session Three pulls together all the skills you have learned in the Energetic Living Series.  At its completion you will have learned and integrated a complete set of tools which will enable you to see, feel, understand and transform energy for your highest good.  You will have the skills your need to experience life as the fullest expression of your spiritual being in physical form.


Each session costs $500

Payment plan and scholarship opportunities available by application.

Payable by cash or check prior to the first meeting.

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