Richard Barr began training in 5 Animal 5 Family Kung Fu in 1973 from Master Gilbert Bates in Altadena, California. This traditional system is based upon the movements of the Five Animals, and included training in Chinese weaponry as well. To promote health, fitness and internal martial skills, Chi Kung was included, which soon became a major focus of Richard’s study.

After receiving an Instructor certification from Mr. Bates, Richard began private study with the late Grand Master Ark Y. Wong in Los Angeles. Sifu Wong was kind enough to share many more 5 Animal 5 Family forms and weapon styles, as well as providing a background in acupuncture, herbal medicine and more Chi Kung. Richard was honored to receive a second Instructor certification from Grand Master Wong in 1984.

In an effort to round out his training, Richard began study at The Clearsight Center in Los Angeles. Levanah Shell Bdolak taught a non-Chinese style of energy work, which complimented the many years of Chi Kung training Richard had already received. He learned much more direct and simple methods to teach skills which traditionally took years to master. Richard studied and taught at the Clearsight Center for more than 6 years.

Continuing his search for more information, Richard studied with many other Chi Kung Masters in seminars and workshops around the country. He added massage to his skills in 2000, receiving certification from Hirudaya Holistic Life Center in San Luis Obispo. He was accepted as a professional member of the National Qigong Chi Kung Association in 2001, and received their most advanced certification as a Teacher and Medical Chi Kung Practictioner in 2005.

On January 22, 2004, Richard opened his own school, The Energetic Arts Center in Atascadero, California. Here he sees private clients for consultation and Chi Kung Healing, and offers instruction in 5 Animal 5 Family Kung Fu, Chi Kung, and other energy based healing modalities.